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About US

About five years ago I started my journey in pursuit of a healthier lifestyle. I started buying “organic” and non-gmo foods, mainly fruits and vegetables, from grocery stores and I shortly learned that everything labeled organic isn’t always quite organic. I then tried shopping at stores like Trader Joe’s, Sprouts, Whole Foods and other markets but that became very expensive.

I wanted my family and myself to be healthy without going broke in the process. Even at whole food markets you still question if organic and non-gmo is really what it claims to be. We are in a time where anybody can label anything “organic”, and the only true way to know you are getting exactly what you want is to grow food for yourself.

I came to the conclusion that I would have to start growing my own food, so I did, and to be honest growing those vegetables, fruit and herbs wasn’t as simple as I thought. At the time I was active-duty in the Air Force and stationed in Nevada. There were only a select few plants that would grow in that type of climate. So indoor growing was the best option for me and my family. During the growth process I was able to learn many things through my failures and successes.

Over time I collected the essential things that I needed to successfully start, what I call my “mini farm”, by putting together a full grow kit. I found that there are many benefits of growing indoors and outdoors in a grow tent. I was able to control the climate, kept insects and animals out so I didn’t need pesticides, and I could grow anywhere which meant that I could pack up and take the equipment with me if my duty station changed.


Our Mission

Here at Farm Nevada, our mission is to provide top quality growing and gardening supplies for your growing journey. We are a family just like yours, and we made the vital decision to take control of our health and our well-being by growing our own food, now you can too. Maybe you’re starting a new healthier lifestyle or want to pursue small business adventures, with our growth kits and supplies you can grow your own crops, anywhere, anytime and you can find everything you need at Farm Nevada.